Firm Overview

Successful Since Day One

Typically, attorneys follow this path: When they graduate from law school, they immediately join a law firm where they can be sheltered by a group of more experienced lawyers. Some of them never leave that nest. Others eventually work up the strength to fly on their own and form their own law firm. Some of them make it. Some of them crash.

Attorney Steven L. Schwartz did not follow the typical path. In 1990, he began his legal career by immediately starting his own law firm, The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz. The fact that the firm is still here more than 25 years later is evidence of his success.

Practicing Law: A Family Tradition

While he declined to seek shelter under someone else’s wings, Attorney Schwartz did have strong legal role models. His father is a lawyer. His grandfather was a lawyer. He grew up learning about the law. He learned well.

Over his career, he has successfully helped thousands of people in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan.

Hire an Attorney You Can Trust

When you hire an attorney to handle your criminal defense case, you are putting your future in that attorney’s hands. You have the right to hire someone you can believe in, someone who will be there for you when you need him the most, and someone who has a history of fighting to get excellent resolutions in cases like yours.

You will find that attorney at The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz.

We Will Fight For You

Contact us today to tell us about your case and find out how hard we will fight to help you avoid jail, avoid fines and avoid a criminal record.