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Canton DUI Lawyer

Were you charged with an OWI in Canton? If so, you’ll likely need to build a strong defense to clear your name. A DUI attorney in Canton can help you in your time of need.

The drunk driving laws throughout the state of Michigan are strict. If you’ve been charged with what’s casually called driving under the influence (DUI) in Canton—officially called operating while intoxicated (OWI)—knowing the DUI penalties can be helpful in creating a strong defense for court. It’s important to understand that an OWI charge isn’t an automatic conviction. You can always hire a lawyer and go to trial to fight your case.

At Schwartz Law Group, we’ve handled many DUI/OWI cases. A Canton DUI lawyer from our team can look into your situation and take the time to build a strong argument that weakens the prosecution’s stance. With the support of a strong legal team on your side, you can feel confident in your pursuit of freedom.

DUI Penalties in Canton

For a first-offense OWI, you may have to spend up to 93 days in jail and pay up to $500 in fines. You may also have to serve 360 hours of community service, and the police may immobilize your car after your arrest. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is above .17, your penalties will increase. Your OWI offense in Canton can also be more severe if you’ve had previous convictions in the past.

A first-time OWI offense in Canton is a misdemeanor charge, but if you injured someone in an accident while drinking and driving, then you may face felony charges. You can also face more severe penalties if you had a minor under the age of sixteen in your vehicle while drinking and driving.

Michigan’s Implied Consent Law for DUI Testing

As you might expect, Michigan’s implied consent law implies the consent of all drivers for DUI testing when they’re pulled over by the police on suspicion of driving under the influence. If the police ask you to take a preliminary breath test (PBT), you can refuse the test and receive a civil infraction; however, if the police ask you to take a DataMaster breath test (DBT) and you refuse, your license will usually be suspended for one year.

Plea Bargaining in Canton and Other DUI Defense Strategies

When charged with an OWI/DUI in Canton, you have various options for defending yourself in court. If you strongly believe you’re innocent of the OWI charge, then you can try to discount the evidence brought against you and get your charges dismissed.

Even if you aren’t innocent, in rare cases it’s possible to get your charges dismissed if the police failed to read you your Miranda rights or if they made other procedural errors during your arrest. If you want to get your charges reduced, your DUI lawyer in Canton can try to make a plea bargain with the judge or prosecution.

Contact a Canton DUI Attorney

Hiring an experienced attorney to fight your case is a smart move because your legal team will likely have defense strategies that you never thought of. To schedule a free consultation with a Canton DUI lawyer from Schwartz Law Group, call 248-930-5019 or fill out the contact form below.