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What to Expect in Your DUI Case

February 28, 2022

The criminal justice system can seem scary and daunting, especially when you are the accused. Keep in mind, however, that according to the rules of our system, you are deemed innocent until proven guilty. With that in mind, I thought it would be helpful, and would perhaps ease some potential anxiety about the unknown, to...

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Facing Criminal Charges: Do I Need a Lawyer?

February 15, 2022

If you were arrested and are facing criminal charges, you are almost always best served by obtaining a lawyer. Most criminal defendants retain a lawyer to represent them - especially when their offense could results in a possible jail or prison sentence. Some criminal defendants choose to defend themselves but it's incredibly difficult for a...

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What to Expect After a DUI Arrest in Michigan?

January 30, 2022

What's the best and first thing to do after a DUI arrest? Contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after a DUI or OWI arrest in Michigan. Then, remain silent until your lawyer is present. A DUI defense lawyer will act as an advocate on your side to defend you against the charges....

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OWI Defense in Michigan

January 14, 2022

Being charged with drunk driving is a serious offense and one that can seriously implicate your future with penalties including severe fines, suspension or revocation of your driver's license, and possibly jail time. Michigan criminal law refers to drunk driving offenses as Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). In other states, these crimes may be referred to...

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Can You Refuse to Take a Field Sobriety Test in Michigan?

January 3, 2022

You are driving down the road and you get pulled over. The officer indicates that she smells alcohol on you. Now you are looking at having to step out of the car so the officer can determine intoxication by doing a field sobriety test. It can be scary and overwhelming to be under the scrutiny...

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Possession of Drugs for Sale Charge

December 15, 2021

What Constitutes a Possession of Drugs for Sale Charge When drugs are involved - no matter the situation - it’s never going to go well when you’re met with any drug charges in Michigan. However, there’s a far greater penalty for possession of drugs with the intent to sell, than there is for drug possession...

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5 Common White Collar Crimes that Might Land You in Jail

December 1, 2021

5 Common White Collar Crimes that Might Land You in Jail You often hear the term white collar crime on the news when wealthy people get duped out of millions of dollars by a financier. Most people assume white collar crimes only happen to “rich” people. However, there are many different types of white collar...

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Effects of a Michigan DUI Conviction on an Out of State DUI Charge

November 15, 2021

Effects of a Michigan DUI Conviction on an Out of State DUI Charge If you already have a DUI conviction in Michigan, and you’re charged with DUI in another state, it can create problems for you. Much of what will happen depends on the prosecutor in the state in which you are charged with the...

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Underage DUI Charges in Michigan

October 25, 2021

Consuming alcohol when under the age of 21 is illegal in Michigan. Just the simple act of drinking alcohol if you’re 21 or under is punishable, so if you’re caught operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .02 to .07, you’ll be arrested. Minor DUI is a serious offense in Michigan, and must...

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Getting a 1st Offense DUI in Michigan

October 4, 2021

Getting pulled over is never pleasant, add to that the fact that you have been drinking and it can be terrifying. Knowing your rights for a DUI in Michigan can be a big help, and having the right defense attorney is crucial.  First Offense DUI/OWI with BAC of .08% or less  A first-time offense for...

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Michigan Age of Consent

September 1, 2021

Unlike most states in the United States, Michigan's age of consent is 16. This means in the eyes of the law an individual under the age of 16 is not capable of giving consent for sexual activity.  Michigan State Law’s penal code 750.520e explains 4th degree criminal sexual misconduct involves sexual activity with a minor....

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Tips for Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

August 21, 2021

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney can seem daunting, especially when dealing with the repercussions of a criminal charge. It’s imperative to hire the best criminal defense attorney so your mistakes won’t follow you around for the rest of your life.  What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer Many law firms handle a...

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Common Sex Crime Charges in Michigan

July 17, 2021

When people hear the word “sex crime” it usually conjures up thoughts of rape. However, that’s just one common sex crime in a wide variety of crimes sexual in nature, or intent. Michigan law has specific definitions for each of the different types of sex crimes. With each definition, comes different punishments if one is...

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When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

June 3, 2021

Being charged with a crime is one of the worst experiences that can happen to a person and it can affect everything from your personal life to your family and business dealings. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney can make the experience less intimidating and stressful. Good people make mistakes but when you hire a...

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What are Considered Embezzlement Charges in Michigan?

May 4, 2021

When you’re accused of embezzlement, you may be looking at more than a slap on the wrist from your employer. Embezzlement charges are a serious crime, and it can come with harsh penalties. Worse, you may feel the consequences for decades after your case concludes. But what are embezzlement charges in Michigan, and what do...

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What Happens When You Get a DUI

January 21, 2021

When you’re accused of driving under the influence (DUI), the impacts on your future shouldn’t be understated. Even if you weren’t involved in a car accident, these charges are serious and can affect many areas of your life.  Because of this, you may help to overcome these charges. Talk with a DUI lawyer about building...

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10 Things You Should Know if You Get a DUI/OWI

January 21, 2021

When you’re accused of driving under the influence, understanding the charges can be difficult, which makes defending yourself even harder. Talk to your DWI lawyer when you’re unsure of what steps to take first when defending your name. 1. You May Be Given a Sobriety Test When you’re first pulled over for a DUI, you...

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Penalties for Criminal Sexual Misconduct in Michigan

November 21, 2020

Criminal sexual misconduct (CSC) is a serious charge that can haunt you for years following the accusation. You may face penalties that damage your reputation, your freedom, and your future. Because of this, you may need to act now to protect your future and get your charges dropped or dismissed.  But that’s not always easy,...

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What’s the Difference Between an Arrest Warrant and a Bench Warrant?

October 13, 2020

You may have been tending to your own business, with no idea that you were in legal trouble. That is, you had no idea until you were served a warrant. That warrant means you can be arrested at any time, whether you’re on the road or in your own home or anywhere else. Different warrants...

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Differences Between Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault

October 13, 2020

When you’re accused of assaulting another person, you’re already facing a serious accusation. But what if someone adds on that you allegedly committed aggravated assault? What’s the difference between the two? If you’re not sure about the differences between assault and aggravated assault, you may need a criminal defense lawyer on your side. Your lawyer...

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Penalties for Violating Probation in Metro Detroit

September 30, 2020

Probation may not take a criminal conviction off your case, but it can make it possible for you to focus on your family and your future. If you receive probation, you may be able to live at home and work as usual, as long as you don’t violate your probation agreement.  But what if you’re...

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How to Get a Restraining Order in Michigan

September 30, 2020

When an abuser makes your home life difficult or frightening, it can impact many other parts of your life. You may spend much of your time worrying about your children or other members of the household, not to mention the mental and physical toll of the abuse.  But you may not know how to get...

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Can I Lose My License if I Refuse a Sobriety Test?

July 27, 2020

Being stopped for allegedly driving under the influence is already frustrating, embarrassing, and a little scary. But you may also be concerned about the results of your sobriety test. What if you’re over the legal limit? Many people reason that if they refuse a sobriety test, there won’t be any results to be used against...

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How Sex Crimes Can Impact Your Life 

May 14, 2020

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Metro Detroit, you probably know you could face serious legal penalties. You could spend a significant amount of time in jail or prison if convicted.  For instance, conviction of criminal sexual conduct (CSC) in the first degree in Michigan could get you sentenced to over twenty-five...

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What Is the Long-Term Impact of a Drug Conviction? 

April 16, 2020

Many people don’t think much about the consequences of a drug conviction. It’s possible that you don’t even know how serious your drug charges are until after you’ve been arrested. Even though you didn’t know the consequences, you could still face them if you end up convicted of a drug crime in Oakland County, Michigan....

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Are Any Law Firms Still Open in Metro Detroit During Coronavirus?

April 2, 2020

Do you have a criminal case that is weighing on you during the coronavirus epidemic? You might be wondering whether any lawyers are still taking clients during this troubled time. The answer is yes. Now, more than ever, people need legal advice. This national disaster will affect a lot of people, and you need to...

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Breathalyzer Issues Call Detroit DUIs into Question

March 2, 2020

If you've been pulled over during a routine traffic stop, you may have been tested with a Breathalyzer, which gives the police a lot of evidence against you. That Breathalyzer test is used in many cases to prove metro Detroit DUI cases and convict local drivers. However, new information has shown that the Breathalyzer tests...

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