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Client Reviews

This has been my second time having the pleasure of Mr. Schwartz representing me and I absolutely cannot emphasize enough how incredibly professional and knowledgeable this man is. It is important to be professional and knowledgeable to be an effective attorney of course, but Mr. Schwartz went above and beyond in more ways than I can count.

To give a few examples he was always asking about how my life had been going outside of my court issue and he had also remembered personal details from my life that I shared with him in passing while he was beating my first case for me, that I frankly would not have expected him to have remembered almost an entire year later. Steven Schwartz cares. After working with Steven on my first case I very quickly recognized that Steven Schwartz is in this business to truly do his absolute best to help people-this is his passion.

To name one more way that Steven Schwartz goes above and beyond is the way that he keeps his clients informed whenever he finds new information and he makes you feel comfortable and puts your mind at ease while you’re waiting for the court process to progress, while also explaining your options and his game plan for them very thoroughly-an extremely important quality to have as a lawyer. His credentials speak for themselves as he has a phenomenal record and has personally won both of my cases for me.

If you are in need of legal help there is absolutely nobody on this planet I could recommend more highly than Steven Schwartz; you would be hard pressed to find any minuscule flaw in his legal qualifications as I don’t believe there any at all, and he is also a fantastic human who is very easy to get along with and talk your case to on the side.

Please do yourself a favor and hire Steven Schwartz as your attorney. While I cannot promise you that he will get your case dismissed (although it is something he is adept at), I absolutely can promise you that Mr. Steven Schwartz will get you the best outcome possible for your case.

Ryan B.

I was facing a DUI and not only did he get it down to a OWVI but he also cut my probation time in half and I never lost my license! Ever since the first day I called him he was nothing but helpful and caring about my situation.

Whether it was questions I had or things that he had information on that I didn’t he would always reach out to me and I could always reach out to him whether it was a phone call or text he personally made sure I was getting the best treatment along with his with fast response times.

He is very well known and experienced which was securing to know. If you’re looking for someone to reach out to you would be making a mistake by not choosing Mr. Schwartz.

So again I could never thank you enough for your time, hard work and dedication.

L. L.

If you would like to win your case, Steven Schwartz is your man. Mr. Schwartz is extremely composed, professional, and calculated, while also being adept at handling any curveballs that might come your way.

I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Schwartz, whether it be his hospitality (always checking up on and updating me on the case) or the way he disproves and dismisses the prosecution’s argument with surgical precision.

He gave me the absolute best advice without pushing me into a decision, which can be written off as another of his professionalisms.

Steven Schwartz is absolutely someone you want on your team. Thank you again Mr. Schwartz

Ryan B.

For the majority of my life, I had never had the need for a criminal defense attorney. So naturally, when the time came to look for one, I was nervous and skeptical. I’m incredibly thankful I stumbled upon Steve Schwartz. After I first got connected with his assistant, Steve’s follow-up was prompt and reassuring. He provided his personal number and always made himself available despite his heavy schedule. Steve was always willing to chat via call/txt and even meet on weekends if for nothing else than to help me understand the situation and reassure me that he had things under control. Without going into my specific case, Steve fought for me for nearly a year and was able to greatly reduce the consequences I was facing. He is the epitome of professional, diligent, and realistic. He didn’t give me over-the-top expectations, but certainly over-delivered on the outcome. The whole situation left me nervous and skeptical, but Steve was in my corner fighting the whole time, making sure I was educated on the case and comfortable. Without any kind of doubt, I would and will recommend Steve. He’s certainly not the cheapest, but is upfront and realistic about his costs and how he thinks he can help your situation. Worth every penny.

Alex R.

From the very first time talking with Steven he made me feel reassured that he would do everything in his power to help me with my case. Professional, Courteous, Caring, and Thorough is how I’d describe the entire process of Steven’s representation. I’d refer him to anyone.

Richard W.

Steven Schwartz went above and beyond for our family. He takes the time to listen and is meticulous, leaving no stone unturned, to make sure he helped my son. He takes care of you like your family.

Pamela G.

Hands down the best criminal defense attorney in the state of Michigan. My whole family uses him. He’s not about the money he’s about getting his clients out of trouble . If I can give him ten star review I would . Highly recommended.

Hassan H.

Steve is an awesome lawyer!! Words can’t describe how amazing he is. A friend recommended Steve to our family when we needed a lawyer and Steve did not let us down. He met with me right away. The moment I saw and spoke with Steve, I knew that we are in good hands. He is the type of person that works from his heart and treats people like family, not like clients. He always gets back to me when I call and text him and he is always updating me. I will definitely recommend Steve to anyone that is need of a lawyer because I know that he will go above and beyond. Thanks again Steve for everything!! You are the best!

Diana A

He was there the second I was in need of help, called me immediately as well as set up a meeting the next day. He was very attentive towards me and what I needed help in. Extremely patient, willing to listen and answer any questions I had. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney! Cannot thank you enough Steve!

Ethan Trostle

Steven is truly a great attorney. He always listens to you and never ignore you when you call him. I’d not recommend anyone but him anytime to anyone. Last but not the least very polite and professional.

Miharsh Patel

Steven Schwartz went above and beyond for our family. He takes the time to listen and is meticulous, leaving no stone unturned, to make sure he helped my son. He takes care of you like your family.

Pamela Goff

From the very first time talking with Steven he made me feel reassured that he would do everything in his power to help me with my case. Professional, Courteous, Caring, and Thorough is how I’d describe the entire process of Steven’s representation. I’d refer him to anyone.

Richard Waara

I have been working with Steve and the knowledge and understanding he brings to the courtroom is unsurpassed. He helped me get out of a tight situation with professionalism and curtesy. It was a pleasure working for a man who knew what was right and how to utilize his knowledge for a great outcome.


I have known Steve 10 plus years and consider him my personal attorney and friend. He has helped me and so many of my friends and family members out of diving offences as well as out many situations with awesome results. Steven is honest and dedicated in what he does and for this reason I refer him to everyone I know.


Steve is an outstanding and professional lawyer. He always keep its real with you and doesn’t make any guarantees that seem unlikely like other attorneys would to take your money. He will fight for you to the end. My case was really serious and involved a good amount of jail time, Steve has done everything to minimize the consequences of my case and I didn’t see a day in jail nor will this case effect me in the future. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone who thinks they’re screwed. Thank you Steve for everything.


I was charged with a public intoxication and thought my life and schooling would be in jeopardy. I called Steve and he was extremely professional and was very confident in what he could do for me. He took on my case and was able to reduce it to a civil infraction with just a fine to pay. Nothing on my record and no probation. Steve was very helpful and easy to get a hold of through out the process. I highly recommend you get a hold of Steve for any criminal trouble you get into.


Mr. Steve Schwartz is a wonderful lawyer. I have had to retain him on two different occasions. Each time, the end result couldn’t have concluded any better. If you are in need of legal counsel, I would highly recommend Mr. Schwartz’s services.


I called Steven early on a Sunday morning, his assistant answered my call, she took my information and said that Mr. Schwartz would return my call within the hour. To my surprise just as I was told Steven called me back, we spoke for about 20 minutes, he was very helpful, polite, and professional! After speaking with Steven I felt that he was sincere, with this being my first time needing an attorney, I was really unsure if I was making the best decision.. But that quickly changed after a couple of days, whenever I contacted Steven he always answered my calls or text, which really surprised me! Steven did exactly what we discussed, no disappointments, thanks to Steven I didn’t have to spend one Night in jail and Steven was able to negotiate with the prosecutor and get me an reasonable plea with no felonies on my record! I’m really glad that I hired Steven to represent me, he is a great attorney/person… I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney, hopefully I won’t be needing an attorney anymore, but if I do, I will be calling Steven!


My daughter got into trouble and our lives turned upside down over night. I called Steve and he was immediately available. He had a very caring personality and he was able to get every court date she had moved up! If you find yourself in trouble and you don’t know what to do…CALL STEVE!! I’m happy to say our lives are back to normal and I will forever be grateful to Steve Schwartz!!!


If I could rate higher I would! Unfortunately, i found myself in need of a defense lawyer. During my life I have NEVER done anything that would raise an eyebrow, so I was very lost as to the whole process. I called quite a few lawyers that scared me, would not return calls, and were generally put off by my contacting them. In many cases, they felt that my situation was “small potatoes”, but again to me it was huge. Steven was the third or fourth lawyer I called- I which I would have called him first. Not only did he put my wife and myself at ease, no matter what time of day-morning, evening or night, he was available. Even before I fully hired him, he still took my multiple calls, texts, and never put pressure on me or scared me into hiring him. After we hired him, he took over, and was able to work things out for me. And by that, I Mean he COMPLETELY took over- and fought for me. What would have been a pure money pull for another Lawyer, Steven did what was right for me and my family. He took my fears away- explaining logically that I would be okay. And so far, we have been. While there is always a chance that something can change, I feel very confident that with Steven in our corner, we will achieve the best possible result. He literally took what could have been a “Career ending” infraction, and helped us to get through, with very minor inconvenience to my family. While I hope to never need a Lawyer again, Steve is on my speed dial. The really cool part of this, is that I know he will pick up and be there when/ if we need him.


I can’t say enough about this man. After 10 years of not having a valid driver’s license, this man miraculously enabled me to get my temporary restricted license after only one renewal request. When I hired him, I had no hope of ever driving legally again, but he made the impossible VERY possible. He’s been there for me every step of the way, and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. Thank you, Steve, for believing in me enough to take on my case. I am forever indebted to you.


Mr. Schwartz was the most help I have ever had in the legal world. His secretary was kind and prompt to take my call. Then he even gave me his personal cell phone number to ask any questions. I was always getting messages to keep me up to date on what was going on. My case was not that big of one but he treated it like any other it feels like. He has earned a client for life and now I can say I have a lawyer that I can count on for any problems in the future. Hopefully I won’t have to call him anytime soon but he will be the only one I am going to go to. I just can explain how thankful I am but thank you again Mr. Schwartz!!!!


Steven was able to consult with me immediately after initial contact. He was extremely knowledgeable not only about what I needed, but also very well acquainted with all the various personnel involved with my case. He was kind, caring, compassionate and able to bring my case to a rapid, successful conclusion! I would highly recommend Steven to anyone in need of legal services!