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Assault and Battery

If you were accused of assault or battery in the Metro Detroit area, you’ll need a strong legal team to avoid a conviction. An assault and battery attorney in Michigan can help you build a strong defense so you receive a fair trial.

Although assault and battery are often charged together in the greater Detroit-area, these crimes are separate under Michigan law. The penalties you may face if you’re convicted of these crimes can be severe, which is why it’s essential to go to court and fight your case. Even if you have little hope that you’ll win in court, you must take advantage of your legal rights.

Your chances of receiving a reduction or dismissal for your assault and battery charges in Detroit will increase if you seek help from a Detroit assault and battery lawyer. At Schwartz Law Group, we’re familiar with the Michigan criminal court system. We can use our experience to create a strong criminal defense for you and stand firm against the prosecution.

What Is the Difference Between Assault and Battery?

Assault in Michigan is an attempt to physically injure someone, which includes threats to injure someone. Battery is the intentional infliction of violence or force against someone. Assault and battery often occur together because when someone harms a victim, they must attempt to do so with assault before following through with battery.

Assault can occur without battery; battery can’t occur without assault. If you threaten someone in Detroit but never harm the person you threatened, then you may be charged with assault. If you threaten someone and follow through on harming the person, then you’ll be charged with assault and battery.

Penalties for Assault in Metro-Detroit

If you’re convicted of simple assault or assault and battery without a deadly weapon, then you’ll receive a misdemeanor on your record, which can result in up to 93 days in jail, up to $500 in fines, and up to two years of probation.

If you’re convicted of aggravated assault and battery, which is assault and battery that results in serious injury, your crime will be a misdemeanor and can result in up to one year in jail, up to $1,000 in fines, and up to two years of probation.

You may receive a felony charge and up to two years in prison for aggravated assault and battery if you injure a human services worker, a police officer, or emergency medical personnel, including a paramedic, an ambulance driver, or a search and rescue worker.

Fighting Your Assault and Battery Charge

Although many assault and battery charges are misdemeanors, a conviction can still result in a permanent criminal record and greatly affect your future. If you don’t fight your case, you may have trouble obtaining employment after serving your penalties. An assault and battery lawyer in Michigan can use proven strategies to fight for you in court.

Reach Out to an Assault and Battery Attorney

At the Schwartz Law Group, we know there are many explainable reasons why you may have been charged with assault and battery and Detroit. We’re here to listen to your case and support you through the legal process.

We take cases from Detroit including Westland, Canton, Novi, Livonia, Southfield, Troy, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, and more. To schedule a free consultation with a Detroit assault and battery lawyer from our team, fill out the contact form below or call 248-930-5019.