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Detroit Domestic Violence Lawyer 

Have you been accused of domestic violence in Metro Detroit? Reach out to a Detroit domestic violence lawyer at Schwartz Law Group for help fighting against this serious charge.

People are sometimes charged with domestic violence in Metro Detroit, and they don’t know what to do. You might not think you have a chance of avoiding a conviction, but that’s not necessarily true. There are defenses against conviction of a violent offense, but you will need the right legal team on your side.

A Detroit domestic violence lawyer from Schwartz Law Group can help you fight a domestic violence charge. Everyone is entitled to a strong criminal defense, no matter how serious the charge against you. People can be falsely accused of domestic violence, and you shouldn’t suffer the legal penalties of a conviction when you’re innocent of the charges.

Consequences of a Metro Detroit Domestic Violence Conviction

When you are faced with a domestic violence charge in Detroit, such as assault or aggravated assault, you are probably worried about what could happen to you if convicted. You are right to be worried because the consequences could be severe.

For starters, you could face legal penalties such as jail or prison, fines, probation, and domestic violence classes. The legal penalties aren’t the only things you have to worry about, though.

People who are convicted of violent offenses are often judged by those behaviors for the rest of their lives. You could have difficulty securing a job because employers may believe you are a violent person. This could impact your financial stability. You could miss out on promotions at work. Your family relationships could be affected by a conviction.

A domestic violence charge can negatively impact your life and cause your family considerable embarrassment. A Metro Detroit domestic violence lawyer could help you avoid conviction by crafting the best defense option available in your case.

How a Metro Detroit Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help You

You may be skeptical about whether a domestic violence lawyer in Metro Detroit can help you with your case. Here are some of the things your lawyer can do.

  • Your lawyer can immediately begin advising you about your Detroit domestic violence case, and prevent you from accidentally harming your case.
  • They can look for weaknesses in the case against you and exploit those weaknesses to possibly get your case thrown out.
  • They can scrutinize all angles of your case to find a solid defense that you feel good about using.
  • If a plea agreement is necessary, they will work to get you the best plea deal possible, with a goal of reducing your charge and penalties.

Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Detroit, Michigan

People are often charged with crimes in Metro Detroit when they didn’t commit the crimes they’re accused of. You may be scared to fight your charges because you fear what could happen if you lose the fight. Your future is worth fighting for, and a lawyer can help you.

Call a Detroit domestic violence lawyer at Schwartz Law Group to learn about your options and to take the first step toward protecting your future. We take cases from Detroit and Metro Detroit including Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Rochester, and more. Call 248-930-5019 or fill out the form below to reach a lawyer at our office.