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Detroit Probation Lawyer 

Have you been placed on probation in Metro Detroit or are you worried you might be? A Metro Detroit probation attorney at Schwartz Law Group is here to help you deal with probation matters, including probation violation.

Probation wasn’t difficult at first. You were following the rules, working, and doing the best you could to stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately, you’ve been charged with a crime in Metro Detroit. You’re scared because the court warned you about what could happen if you violated your probation grant. They told you that your probation grant could be revoked, and you could go to jail.

Criminal charges are stressful to deal with, especially when you have more than one criminal charge to contend with. If your probation grant is revoked, you could be facing two jail or prison sentences plus other legal penalties that come as a package deal.

Talk to a Detroit probation lawyer about your criminal charges. You might have criminal defense options that can improve your situation, which you don’t know about.

What Happens if You Violate Your Metro Detroit Probation Grant?

Many people don’t take their probation grants seriously, and they end up dealing with serious legal issues as a result of violations. Even if you did take your probation grant seriously, things can go wrong. Despite your best intentions of completing your probation grant successfully, you have violated your probation grant and you’re facing more legal trouble.

Perhaps you had a relapse and your probation officer decided to recommend a revocation of your probation. Or, maybe you’ve picked up a new offense. Whatever has triggered revocation of your probation, you need to know you have options.

A Metro Detroit probation attorney can help you deal with probation violation. In many instances, a lawyer can help you get your probation grant reinstated. This could give you a second chance at completing probation and avoiding jail or prison.

How a Probation Lawyer in Metro Detroit Can Help You

Are you wondering whether you should call a probation lawyer in Metro Detroit? You may not know all the ways a lawyer can help you.

  • Your lawyer can help you with new charges. They can examine the charges against you and help you understand what you’re up against. They can help you build a defense.
  • If you are facing probation violation, your lawyer can represent you in court hearings related to your probation violation. They can make efforts to get your probation reinstated.
  • Your lawyer can communicate with your probation officer.
  • They could work to get you out of jail or get your penalties reduced.
  • They can advise you on how to abide by the conditions of your probation grant moving forward.

Make the Call to a Metro Detroit DUI Lawyer

Probation issues in Metro Detroit are unique and complicated. You can get help dealing with legal issues related to being on probation.

Get in contact with a Detroit probation lawyer to learn all the ways they can help you. Our firm handles cases in Detroit and Metro Detroit including Ann Arbor, South Lyon, St. Clair Shores, Novi, Huntington Woods, Franklin, Madison Heights, and more. Schwartz Law Group is reachable through the website submission form below or you can call 248-930-5019.