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Lawyer for Gun Charges in Detroit

Were you charged with a gun-related crime in the greater Detroit area? If so, you may face significant jail time and fines. Hiring an attorney for gun charges in Detroit can be key if you hope to fight your case and win.

Gun laws are strict in both the state of Michigan and on the federal level. Because guns are legal in some circumstances, you may be unaware of what the specific gun laws are in your area. No matter whether you knew your actions were illegal when the Detroit Metro police charged you with a gun-related crime, you’ll likely still feel scared of what your future holds.

A gun charge in Detroit won’t become a conviction until the police can prove your case in court with sufficient evidence. During trial, you’ll also have the chance to defend yourself. If you want the best chance of avoiding conviction, you must hire a lawyer for gun charges in Detroit. At Schwartz Law Group, we’ve handled many gun-related cases and we’re prepared to represent you.

Gun and Weapon Charges in Detroit

Although it’s legal to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle in Michigan with a valid permit, there are many ways you can get charged for illegal gun-related crimes in both Detroit and Metro Detroit. Some gun charges you may face include:

  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Displaying a firearm in public
  • Unlawful discharged of a firearm
  • Illegal altering of a firearm, such as removing a serial number

Consequences of a Detroit Gun Charge Conviction

If you’ve previously been convicted of a felony and you’re then caught in possession of a firearm in Detroit, you can face serious penalties for your actions. You can be charged with an additional felony for your crime, up to five years in prison, and up to $5,000 in fines.

Alternatively, if you’re charged with illegal altering of a firearm, your conviction may result in a felony, up to two years in prison, and up to $1,000 in fines. Having a felony charge on your record will take away your gun rights for the rest of your life. You’ll also lose your right to vote. Society may treat you differently.

How to Fight Your Detroit Gun Charges in Court

Fighting your Detroit gun charges is key if you want to return to society without a criminal record holding you back. A Detroit lawyer for gun charges can defend your case by challenging the evidence brought against you. Your legal team may also work to weaken the prosecution’s case by questioning whether your arrest was justified. When hiring an attorney, you’ll have the ultimate support in court.

Contact an Attorney for Gun Charges in Detroit

When it comes to gun charges in the greater Detroit area, there’s a large gray area. Many people make mistakes with guns or have explainable reasons for using them. You may have used your gun for self-defense or protection. You deserve the chance to defend yourself.

We take cases from Detroit and Metro Detroit including Ann Arbor, Birmingham, St. Clair Shores, Rochester, Sterling Heights, Highland Park, Brightmoor, and more. If you need a lawyer for gun charges in Detroit, our team at Schwartz Law Group can help. Fill out the contact form below or call 248-930-5019 to schedule a free consultation.