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Dearborn Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accused of a criminal offense in Dearborn? You may have a chance to get your charges dropped with a Dearborn defense attorney on your side.

When you or a loved one is accused of breaking the law, the consequences can be dire. Your future is at risk if you’re convicted of a crime, and representing yourself or working with a public defender may not end so well for you. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Schwartz Law Group can help.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, your Dearborn criminal defense lawyer can help you overcome those losses. Reach out for help when you’re accused and need help getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

Penalties for a Dearborn Criminal Conviction

When you’re accused of breaking the law, one of the first things to discuss with your criminal defense lawyer is your penalties. Understanding what you could lose if you’re convicted can help you understand what’s at stake with your case.

For example, it’s not just fines that can hurt you after a conviction. You could face up to a year in jail for misdemeanors, and years or a lifetime in prison if you’re convicted of a felony. That’s a serious loss that could affect your quality of life.

Worse, your penalties don’t end just because you’ve been released from prison. You have a criminal record that won’t go away just because you served your sentence. That record will show up on background checks and could affect your housing and job opportunities.

Dearborn Public Defender or a Defense Lawyer?

Still, you may be considering representing yourself in court or using a public defender, so you don’t have to pay a Dearborn criminal defense attorney. Unfortunately, that often hurts more than it helps you.

When you choose to represent yourself or get representation from a public defender, you’re limiting the options you have for a defense. Even a case that looks like an open-and-shut case can be complicated and tough to defend yourself and get your charges dropped. Worse, a public defender may not have the time to give your case the attention it needs, when they have dozens or even hundreds of other cases to handle.

A Dearborn criminal lawyer, however, has the tools you need to give your case the right attention. With a criminal defense lawyer, you don’t have to worry as much about your day in court—you can just focus on getting your charges dropped.

Contact a Dearborn Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, it can be tough to overcome the accusations and get your charges reduced or dropped completely. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept the charges without defending your case.

At Schwartz Law Group, we know that a criminal conviction can change your life, and rarely for the better. Luckily, you have a chance to avoid a conviction, so reach out to a Dearborn criminal defense lawyer for help. If you’re struggling to recover from your criminal case, reach out by calling 248-930-5019 or by completing the online contact form below.