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Detroit Sexual Assault Lawyer 

Sex crimes are among the most serious offenses a person can be accused of committing. Call a Detroit sexual assault attorney at Schwartz Law Group to begin working on your defense strategy because no one wants a sex crime on their record.

Sexual assault, or criminal sexual conduct (CSC), is taken seriously in the Metro Detroit area. If you are accused of a crime involving sexual misconduct, you could be unsure of what to do next. If convicted of a sex crime, your life could be completely turned upside down. You will likely want a lawyer who knows how to build a sound criminal defense against these kinds of charges.

A Detroit sexual assault lawyer at our firm understands how serious a sex crime can be. Your lawyer can help you face down this serious charge and work to clear your name. Once a sex crime goes on your record, it could ruin your future. Don’t make the mistake of not taking a sex offense seriously.

How a Detroit Sexual Assault Charge Could Impact Your Life

Have you been accused of criminal sexual conduct (CSC) in Metro Detroit? If so, then you are probably terrified of what could happen to you if you are convicted. The legal penalties could include jail or prison time, fines, probation, and other penalties. In addition to the legal penalties, your life may never be the same again.

Even after you’ve completed the legal penalties, you could suffer for the rest of your life due to your conviction for a Metro Detroit sexual assault. 

You may be ineligible for certain types of jobs or be passed over for promotions. You may not be eligible to live in certain areas due to your conviction. You could suffer financially due to your inability to secure stable employment. Your family life will likely suffer, and some of your family members may never trust you again.

Can a Metro Detroit Sexual Assault Attorney Help You?

You may be wondering whether a sexual assault lawyer in Metro Detroit would be worth the expense. That depends on how much you care about your future. A conviction will likely damage the rest of your life, but a lawyer could help improve your situation.

  • A lawyer could give you vital legal advice that could help you from the start.
  • They can help build the best defense possible for your situation.
  • They could help get your sexual assault charge reduced or dismissed.
  • They can help you deal with the entire process, including battling for you in court if necessary.

Speak with a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Detroit, MI

If you don’t want a Metro Detroit sexual assault crime to go on your record, you have to be brave enough to fight. You don’t have to fight alone, though. A lawyer at our firm can take on your case and will work tirelessly to defend against a conviction. 

Your Detroit sexual assault lawyer at our firm serves Detroit and Metro Detroit including Ferndale, South Lyon, Rochester, Huntington Woods, Franklin, Madison Heights, and more. Call the Schwartz Law Group at 248-930-5019 or complete the internet contact form on this page to reach our firm and begin building your defense.