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October 13, 2020

Differences Between Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault

October 13, 2020

When you’re accused of assaulting another person, you’re already facing a serious accusation. But what if someone adds on that you allegedly committed aggravated assault? What’s the difference between the two?

If you’re not sure about the differences between assault and aggravated assault, you may need a criminal defense lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can review the details of your case and help you fight the charges against you.

Simple Assault vs. Aggravated Assault

Assault is defined as the attempt to inflict bodily harm against another person. For example, if you were arguing or otherwise fighting with your neighbor, you may have been accused of assault against them. You didn’t have to throw a punch—threats that make the other person fear for their safety can impact your case. If they were afraid you would harm them, you can still be arrested.

Aggravated assault is more severe. Aggravated assault includes situations where you’re accused of seriously injuring someone, especially if a weapon was involved in the conflict. In this case, you may be accused of aggravated assault if you were accused of threatening your neighbor with a gun or knife. You may face more serious penalties, too, so talk to your assault lawyer in metro Detroit about your case.

Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

When you’re accused of breaking the law and assaulting another person, the charges can vary, depending on whether someone was injured because of the alleged assault, as well as the severity of their injuries.

For example, in a typical assault case, you may be charged with a misdemeanor. That means you may face up to a year in jail, as well as fines totaling up to $1,000. Going to jail and paying those hefty fines can impact your future.

If you’re charged with a felony charge, your assault charges may be far more severe. You could face years in prison and much higher fines, which hurts your chances of recovering from a conviction. Worse, your criminal record can keep you from important opportunities like better jobs and housing.

How Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Metro Detroit Can Help

Here’s the good news—you don’t have to take your case to court and just hope you’re prepared for your trial. If you’re unsure whether you’re facing simple or aggravated assault charges, your criminal defense lawyer can help.

Your assault lawyer can do more than tell the difference between different types of charges. They can also seek evidence that shows you didn’t break the law. They can build a defense to help you reduce or dismiss those charges. They can even represent you in court so you don’t have to worry about your experience before you go to court.

Face Assault Charges with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re accused of breaking the law, whether it’s an assault or aggravated assault charge or something else, you need legal guidance for your case. Luckily, the lawyers at the Schwartz Law Group can help. We can give you the aid you need when you’re facing steep penalties for your charges. To get started, call 248-930-5019 or complete the online contact form below.