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Don’t Do It Yourself: Benefits of Hiring a Defense Attorney

Even though every person is entitled to the help of an attorney, from the moment an arrest takes place until the end of trial and/or the appeals process, many people may feel that they can proceed on their own. The criminal justice system is complex, and police and other government officials do not have your best interests at heart. A defense attorney’s sole duty is to zealously represent you as their client, and secure the best potential outcome.

Many people might be surprised to learn the ways in which a criminal defense attorney can help your case. While it is true that in some cases the best outcome may be securing a decreased sentence or charge, that is literally almost the very least that can be done under certain circumstances.

For example, in some cases a defense attorney may be able to get you:

  • Zero jail time
  • Minimal probation
  • Minimal fines
  • No criminal record

In addition to these general ways in which a defense attorney can help, there are other more specific ways in which your case will be handled depending on the particular charges or circumstances.

How a Defense Attorney Can Help With Drug Charges Once you hire a defense attorney, he or she will investigate your case, looking for potential flaws, irregularities, and other errors in the way the police collected evidence against you. Examples of improper collection of evidence include illegal search and seizure by the police. There are very stringent requirements, reinforced by the U.S. Constitution, which if not met, prohibit the court from admitting the evidence against you. Additionally, under the “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” doctrine, evidence which is only found as a result of improperly collected evidence is considered to be “poisoned” by the prior error, and thus additionally inadmissible against you.

Additionally, in Michigan, first-time offenders in drug possession cases may be eligible for a section MCL 333.7411 referral, whereby the charges are dismissed after the individual completes probation.

Typical drug charges an attorney can help you with include, but are not limited to:

Attorney Steven L. Schwartz, is a third generation attorney. He has practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in the Detroit area for more than two decades. He is dedicated to his clients, and works zealously for his clients to secure a dismissal, not guilty verdict or reduced charges. If you need an experienced and tireless criminal defense attorney in the Detroit area, you can visit our website or call (248) 266-8720 to schedule your initial consultation.