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Drug Bust in Southeast Michigan Leads to Nineteen Arrests

Drug Bust in Southeast Michigan Leads to Nineteen ArrestsMost drug arrests are for low-level street dealers whom police catch in the act of selling. However, every so often, police engage in a long-term surveillance of the senior members of an organization. These ongoing investigations often involve teams of dozens of local officers, confidential informants, and potentially a joint task force with the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other federal agencies.

As noted above, arrests of large-scale drug distributors are rare, since most often those individuals do a good job ensuring that they are not in the public eye and are away from police scrutiny. However, when authorities do have enough evidence to arrest a high-ranking member of an organization, they often pull out all the stops for the prosecution. These are often not the “sloppy” arrests of street dealers that we sometimes see. These are arrests made pursuant to what purports to be a valid warrant, into which police put countless hours of preparation.

This does not mean that these prosecutions are immune from a valid legal defense, however, and the quality of the defense should match the level of the prosecution. Often, in order to mount a successful defense, an attorney will need to work with his client and those in the community to conduct a thorough investigation and then craft a well-thought-out defense.

Five-Year Investigation Results in Large Southeast Michigan Drug Bust Earlier this month, the Michigan State Police, working with federal agencies, conducted a large-scale drug bust, executing several search warrants across southeast Michigan. There were also related arrests made in northern Michigan. According to one local news report, the investigation included locations in Detroit, Oak Park, and Harper Woods. Evidently, authorities seized cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and a firearm upon executing the warrants. In all, 19 people were arrested across the state.

According to the news article reporting on the raid, authorities had been on the trail of the organization’s leaders for some time, but they were not satisfied until they had enough evidence to arrest the “higher-ups.” Those arrested had not been charged at the time of the article’s publication, but it is likely they will face drug manufacturing, delivery, and trafficking charges. It is also a possibility that the federal authorities involved in the raid could take over the prosecution.

Have You Been Arrested for a Michigan Drug Crime?

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested and charged with a Michigan drug crime, you should immediately contact a dedicated Michigan criminal defense attorney to discuss your defense. Time is of the essence in these matters, even if you are not currently in custody. Attorney Steven Schwartz is a long-time defense attorney who knows the substantive and procedural laws in Michigan, and he uses his advanced knowledge to help his clients pursue favorable outcomes. His successful track record in Michigan drug cases is a testament to his dedication and experience. Call Attorney Steven Schwartz today at (248) 266-8720 to set up a free consultation.

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