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Oakland County Drug Lawyer

Criminal charges of any kind are a direct threat to your future opportunities but drug crimes are especially damaging. Regardless of whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony drug charges, securing a solid drug crime defense is critical in fighting the allegations against you.

Drug-Related Offenses in Michigan

Drug crimes and charges are taken very seriously in Michigan. Given the negative perception of drug usage and addiction as well as drug trafficking and sales and the notion that they are the source of societal ills, those convicted of drug-related crimes often receive among the harshest consequences.

We have nearly 30 years of experience defending clients against all types of drug crimes charges in Michigan including:

Those that have been charged with a drug-related offense or are simply the target of a drug-related investigation should seek counsel of an experienced drug crimes attorney immediately. Call us at (248) 266-8720 or send us an e-mail.

Consequences of a Drug Crimes Conviction

There is a lasting impact of drug crime convictions within Michigan for any drug schedule, this includes offenses that seem minor in nature. The immediate effects of drug convictions can include:

  • penalties like costly fines
  • community service obligations
  • imprisonment
  • ongoing terms of supervised release

Other Consequences for Drug Crimes

There are some lesser thought of consequences of a drug conviction. For instance, passing a background check for things like an employment opportunity can be incredibly difficult. For those wishing to volunteer at their child’s school or as a coach for a sports activity may be prohibited from volunteering to help at their child’s school or participating in their sports activities due to a drug conviction.

Drug convictions can also impact custodial agreements and professional licenses, as well.

Multiple Drug Crime Convictions

Those convicted of a second or subsequent time of some of the more serious drug charges may face mandatory life terms in conjunction with massive financial penalties, this is pursuant to Mich. Comp. Laws § 333.7413.

If you’re facing a drug charge, make sure you have an aggressive and experienced Oakland County drug lawyer by your side. Contact us for a case review and consultation.

Legal Steps for Drug Crime Attorneys

When it comes to drug crimes, the most important work that needs to be done is a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding your case. Your Oakland County drug lawyer should dig through all of the evidence, including police reports, search warrants, video evidence, witness statements and lab reports.

When the Schwartz Law Group investigates your case, we look for flaws and irregularities in the way the police gathered evidence against you. We look for things like illegal search and seizure by the police and mishandled traffic stops. We know the law, the rights and protections the U.S. Constitution gives you, and we know how to tell when the police have not done their jobs correctly. This gives us the opportunity to find the best possible result. We are also knowledgeable on the topic of alternative punishments.