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Farmington Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re charged with a crime in Michigan and you need help defending yourself in court, contact a criminal defense attorney in Farmington Hills to assess the details of your case and try to avoid the maximum sentence and fines. 

When the Farmington Hills police charge you with a criminal offense, your bright plans for the future may feel like they’re fading. However, you should stay hopeful after your arrest because a conviction isn’t the automatic result of an arrest. Everyone has the right to a fair trial, and an experienced attorney can be the key to winning your case.

At the Schwartz Law Group, we believe everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves when charged with a crime. A Farmington Hills criminal defense lawyer from our team can study your case incessantly, looking to weaken the prosecution’s stance. If we can create reasonable doubt about your alleged crime, you may get a second chance in life.

Farmington Hills Criminal Charges We Can Help With

Our team can handle many types of criminal cases, and regardless of how severe or complex your charges in Farmington Hills may be, we’re always looking for new challenges.

It’s usually best to fight your charges, even if you think there’s no hope of getting your charges dismissed. The right legal team will have in-depth experience defending crimes, and having support may change your outcome. Some of the criminal cases we defend in Farmington Hills include:

  • Charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI; also sometimes referred to as driving under the influence, or DUI)
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Assault and battery
  • White collar crimes, like mail, wire, or insurance fraud

Discussing your case in an initial consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Farmington Hills can give you guidance on how best to move forward in the legal process. 

Penalties Associated with Your Farmington Hills Criminal Charge 

Because there are so many types of crimes, the penalties associated with each crime varies. For example, a DUI/OWI or an assault and battery charge can lead to a misdemeanor on your criminal record. You may have to spend 93 days in jail and pay $500 in fines for either of these crimes. 

Drug-related crimes are often more severe and can result in a felony. If you’re caught in possession of less than 50 grams of a Schedule 1 or 2 narcotic, you can face up to four years in prison and may have to pay up to $25,000 in fines. Sex-related crimes and white collar crimes can also result in felony charges.

Defense Strategies Used in Farmington Hills Criminal Cases

Your Farmington Hills criminal defense attorney will evaluate your case and challenge the evidence against you as well as the conduct of the police during your arrest, when applicable. They may also try to claim that you weren’t aware you committed a crime or aren’t guilty of the crime in question. You may think there’s no hope for winning your case, but there are many defense strategies available.

Consult a Farmington Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

At Schwartz Law Group, we’ll do the best we can to give you a fair trial in Farmington Hills. To discuss your case with a Farmington Hills criminal defense lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 248-930-5019 to schedule a free consultation.