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Farmington Hills DUI Lawyer

If you’re accused of an OWI, remember that your charges don’t equate with a criminal conviction. With the help of a DUI attorney in Farmington Hills, you can bring your case to court and fight for justice.

When you see a Farmington Hills police car closing in behind you, you may feel afraid and unsure of what will happen. When the police charge you with operating while intoxicated (OWI), commonly called driving under the influence (DUI), you should remember your rights as a citizen under the law. Any charges you receive won’t automatically result in a conviction, and you deserve a fair trial.

Just because you’ve been charged with an OWI doesn’t mean your life is over. When you have a strong team of DUI lawyers by your side, there’s a chance to reduce or dismiss your charge. At Schwartz Law Group, we strive to give our clients the defense they deserve. With a Farmington Hills DUI lawyer supporting you, you’ll have a better chance of returning to normal life.  

Legal Punishment for a DUI in Farmington Hills

For a first-offense OWI conviction in the state of Michigan, you are likely looking at 93 days of jail time, $500 in fines, and 360 hours of community service. The Farmington Hills police also have the power to immobilize your vehicle after your arrest. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level was above .17, as opposed to the legal limit of .08, your penalties will usually increase.

Aside from the penalties you initially face for an OWI/DUI conviction in Farmington Hills, your misdemeanor charge will remain on your record long after your arrest. You must disclose this information when you fill out most job applications, and it may tarnish your reputation.

How Do the Farmington Hills Police Test for DUI?

One of the most common methods used for OWI (a.k.a. DUI) testing in Farmington Hills is the breath test. When the police suspect that a driver has been drinking, they’ll likely administer a preliminary breath test (PBT). This test is less accurate than others, and you’re allowed to refuse it when offered; however, if you do refuse this test, you’ll usually receive a civil infraction and a fine of $100.

After the PBT, a Farmington Hills police officer may take you to the police station and use a more accurate Breathalyzer known as the DataMaster breath test (DBT). If you refuse this test, your license will usually be suspended for one year. The police can also force you to take a blood or urine test to get your BAC level if you refuse other DUI testing methods.

Contact a Farmington Hills DUI Attorney

You may hesitate to hire a DUI attorney because you think you have no chance of winning your OWI case in Farmington Hills. What you may not realize is that experienced legal teams have strategies to defend your case that could significantly reduce or dismiss your charges.

Speaking to a Farmington Hills DUI lawyer from Schwartz Law Group could give you the confidence you need to fight the prosecution. If you’re ready to schedule a free consultation with our team, fill out the contact form below or call 248-930-5019.