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Ferndale Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re accused of a crime, let a Ferndale criminal defense attorney help you do what’s possible to avoid or reduce the charges you’re facing.

Facing accusations of a crime is a tough situation. They think you broke the law, and worse, you’re unsure how to deal with these accusations. Your case could ruin your life, from the initial penalties to the long-term consequences. 

To deal with this, you may need a lawyer from the Schwartz Law Group on your side. If you’ve been accused of a crime, your Ferndale criminal defense lawyer can help you deal with these accusations and fight to get your charges reduced or dismissed. 

Why Do I Need a Ferndale Criminal Lawyer?

When you’re accused of breaking the law, you need to know a lot about Michigan’s criminal defense system. Unfortunately, many Ferndale residents don’t have that kind of legal experience, making it tough to defend themselves in court. Worse, what knowledge you do have may come from an internet search or something you saw on TV. While this can help you get started, many shows and websites contain misleading or incorrect information. 

Because you don’t have experience, you may need a Ferndale criminal lawyer on your side. They can give you a better chance of getting your charges reduced or even dismissed. 

And if you’re thinking about a public defender, you may still have better luck with a criminal defense lawyer. A public defender often can’t give you the detailed, personal attention you need after your criminal accusations. Your Ferndale criminal defense attorney, however, can give your case the attention and representation it deserves. 

Penalties for a Criminal Conviction in Ferndale

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, it can be tough to think about the potential penalties for the crimes you’re accused of. If you’re convicted of a Ferndale criminal offense, you could face many severe penalties, like the following: 


  • Fines – Even if your conviction seems like a minor crime, you could be dealing with thousands of dollars in fines. You may also be limited financially if you lose your job or job prospects because of the conviction. 
  • Jail or Prison Time – A few months or even a few years in prison may be part of your penalties if you’re convicted. That could mean months or years without connecting with your family and friends. 
  • License Suspension – Depending on the charges, you could lose your license for months, or it could be revoked completely. 


Consult with a Ferndale Criminal Defense Attorney

After a criminal accusation, it’s hard to go back to life as usual in Ferndale. Your future is on the line, and that could impact your life and your family in severe ways. You may have trouble avoiding those penalties on your own, too. 

Fortunately, your criminal defense lawyer from the Schwartz Law Group can help. We understand the penalties and losses you’re facing if you don’t fight back. Fortunately, we have the resources and tools you need for building a strong defense. We can also represent your criminal case in the courtroom. 

Ready to fight back after you’ve been accused of a crime? Talk to a Ferndale criminal defense lawyer at 248-930-5019, or complete the online contact form below.