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Forty-One People Arrested and Charged in Relation to Alleged Drug Distribution Ring

Earlier last month in Minnesota, 41 people were arrested and charged with various offenses related to a large drug-distribution ring that spanned across the Midwest. According to one local news, the ring allegedly dealt in Heroin, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, and Methadone. Some of the 41 arrested were also charged with other related offenses, such as possession of a firearm.

Arrests in Alleged Drug Distribution Ring

The allegations are that the ring would travel to large cities in the Midwest and purchase bulk amounts of the above drugs to distribute to Indian Reservations across the Midwest. Most of the drugs allegedly ended up in either Minnesota or North Dakota.

According to court documents, the 41 people charged all had varying levels of involvement, including “facilitators, suppliers, transporters, or distributors.” Others involved maintained “Stash houses,” while others worked on the financial side, ensuring that the funds were properly transferred and dispersed.

Several Michigan cities were involved in the ring, as well as large cities in Illinois and Minnesota.

Drug Trafficking in Michigan Courts Drug crimes can be prosecuted at either state or federal levels, depending on the surrounding allegations. Most often, when a crime spans the border between two or more states, the alleged crime will be charged as a federal offense. Federal drug crimes carry lengthy sentences and strict mandatory minimums in many cases.

Depending on the amount of drugs involved, a first-time conviction for a drug trafficking crime can result in a punishment of up to life in prison. While this is rare, it is possible. More common mandatory minimum sentences are in the 10-20 year range.

Defending Against Drug Crimes in Michigan Defending against a serious drug crime can be tricky but often involves implementing several layers of defense. The first layer of defense in a drug case is to conduct a thorough investigation. This often means interviewing witnesses, reviewing discovery, visiting the location where the alleged crimes took place, and so on. It is only after a thorough investigation that an attorney is able to proceed with the next steps in effectively representing and defending a client. The filing of pre-trial motions, such as a motion to suppress the physical evidence, may be an appropriate next step in certain situations when the evidence was illegally seized or was the result of an illegal search.

Of course, there is no “right” way to defend against all cases. Each case is different and requires an individualized approach. To learn more about fighting drug cases, speak with a dedicated Michigan criminal defense attorney.

Are You Facing a Serious Drug Crime? If you have recently been arrested and charged with a serious drug crime in the state of Michigan, consider calling Attorney Steven Schwartz. Attorney Schwartz has decades of experience handling criminal law matters, including several years working for a prosecutor’s office. He understands the nuances in the law that can become critical in a drug case. With years of experience, you will feel comfortable leaving your case in his hands. To learn more about drug crimes in Michigan courts, and to speak with an attorney about your case, call (240) 930-5019 to set up a free consultation. Calling is free, and there is no obligation.

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