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Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Lawyer

Arrested and worried about having a criminal record? Protect your future by calling a Grosse Pointe criminal lawyer for help.

Facing criminal charges is never easy. It’s not just your future on the line, after all—your family could be seriously impacted if you’re convicted of a crime, and you and they may have to live with the penalties for years after the final verdict. 

The Grosse Pointe criminal lawyers at the Schwartz Law Group can help you with those concerns, though. We understand that a criminal conviction can change the way you’re seen by others, and we’re ready to help you defend your case and recover from your situation. 

Ready to defend your case in court? Your Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer can help you build a strong defense and deal with your case. 

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me? 

When you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s important to get the best defense possible for your case. If you’re thinking about relying on your own resources or talking to a Grosse Pointe public defender, though, you may not be giving your case the time and attention it needs. 

That’s where a criminal defense lawyer in Grosse Pointe can be key for your case. If you’re facing criminal charges, your criminal defense lawyer can give you the personalized attention and guidance your case needs. Without their tools and experience, it can be tough to overcome the accusations being leveled against you. 

Felony vs. Misdemeanor Criminal Charges in Grosse Pointe

After an arrest, it’s important for your case to know whether you’re being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. While an arrest and trial may seem the same to you regardless, the penalties can be vastly different. 

For example, felonies can be much more severe. Your fines will likely be higher, or course, but you’re also at risk for a much longer stay behind bars. In many cases, you’ll spend more than a year in prison. 

While a misdemeanor is usually less severe, that doesn’t mean you should just accept the charges. You could still be jailed for up to a year, and you may pay hundreds or thousands in fines. 

No matter your criminal case type, it’s important to have a Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney on your side. They can show you what case types you could be dealing with and what you can do to defend your case.

Talk to a Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorney

Going to court for criminal charges can be stressful, and worse, you may not have the tools you need to deal with your case. You may be concerned about the aftermath of a conviction, and without the right tools, you may be worried about losing everything if you’re convicted.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with your Grosse Pointe criminal case alone. Your lawyer from the Schwartz Law Group has the tools and resources you need to build a strong defense, be represented well in court, and fight back when the police accuse you of serious crimes. 

To get started, set up a consultation with a Grosse Pointe criminal defense lawyer. Give us a call at 248-930-5019 or complete the following online contact form to reach our firm and get answers about your case.