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Michigan Teacher Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Conduct Over Allegations She Slept With Student

Earlier this month, a southeastern Michigan Spanish teacher pleaded guilty and was sentenced for two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old male student. According to one local news source, the woman originally faced five even more serious counts of criminal sexual conduct, including rape. However, by accepting the negotiated offer the woman was found guilty only of the third-degree offenses. The woman initially turned down the offer back in March but has since reconsidered.

Evidently, the charges stem from allegations that the woman had inappropriate sexual relations with a male student in a classroom of Bishop Foley High School, in Madison Heights, Michigan. The allegations came to light once the boy’s parents learned of the relationship between their son and his teacher.

Initially, the woman was found guilty of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and sentenced to 6-23 years in prison. However, that initial sentence was nullified, and, under the terms of the new plea deal, she will be resentenced on July 1, presumably to a lesser sentence.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan Courts

Few crimes are taken more seriously in Michigan than that of criminal sexual conduct. Depending on the conduct that is alleged to have occurred, the offense may be graded as a felony or as a misdemeanor. The range of punishments also varies drastically, from a potential life sentence for first-degree criminal sexual conduct to a term of imprisonment that cannot exceed two years for fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

The differences between the offenses depend on several factors, including:

  • The age of the accused,
  • The age of the alleged victim,
  • Whether actual physical force was used,
  • Whether the accused and the alleged victim are related by blood or members of the same household,
  • Whether the accused is in a position of power over the alleged victim, such as a teacher or administrator, and
  • Whether the accused is alleged to have acted alone or in concert with another.

Of course, there are many other factors that may come into play. If you have been charged with the crime of criminal sexual conduct in the State of Michigan, be sure to speak with a dedicated criminal defense attorney about how you can defend yourself against the charges.

Are You in Need of a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The range of potential punishments for criminal sexual conduct is great, ranging from a term of under two years in jail to a life sentence. Therefore, if you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct, you should be sure to speak with a dedicated and experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to see what can be done in your case. Attorney Steven Schwartz has decades of experience defending the rights of Michiganders accused of all kinds of serious crimes, including criminal sexual conduct. Call (240) 930-5019 to set up a free consultation with Attorney Schwartz to discuss your case.

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