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Novi DUI Lawyer

Did the police in Novi charge you with drinking and driving? If so, then you must go to court and explain yourself if you want the judge and jury to sympathize with you. A DUI attorney in Novi may be the voice you need to avoid a conviction. 

It’s easier than you may think to receive a charge in Novi for operating while intoxicated (OWI)—also sometimes called driving under the influence (DUI). You may think you’re the type of person who would never get in trouble with the law, but alcohol is a vice shared by many worldwide. The simple mistake of getting behind the wheel after drinking can leave you with a criminal record for life. 

If the Novi police charged you with an OWI, you must take immediate action to fight your charges. A Novi DUI lawyer from Schwartz Law Group can work to weaken the prosecution’s case against you by speaking up for you in your time of need.

How Did the Novi Police Test You for DUI?

The Novi police may determine whether you’re drinking and driving by using a series of tests. When they initially pull you over, they may ask you to take a preliminary breath test (PBT), which uses a Breathalyzer. This breath test is less accurate than others, and you’re allowed to refuse it. If you refuse it, though, you’ll usually receive a civil infraction and must pay $100. 

If you refuse the PBT, the police may arrest you for a DUI/OWI and bring you to the police station for a more accurate breath test known as the DataMaster Breath Test (DBT). You can also refuse this test, but if you do, then your license will usually be suspended for one year because of Michigan’s implied consent law. Refusing this test may cause the police to test your blood or urine, which you can’t refuse.

How a DUI in Novi Can Affect Your Life

An OWI charge on your record can affect your life in Novi significantly. If it’s your first offense, then you may have to serve up to 93 days in jail for what you’ve been accused of doing and pay up to $500 in fines. Aside from your penalties, you’ll have a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record for life, and society may judge you for your mishap. Avoiding a conviction is key if you want a fresh start. 

Defense Strategies for Your Novi DUI Charge

Your DUI lawyer in Novi will have defense strategies needed to combat the prosecution’s argument. Your lawyer may challenge the evidence brought to court or claim procedural errors during your arrest. There are also other strategies that may make it possible to reduce or dismiss your charges. 

Contact a Novi DUI Attorney

Although a DUI/OWI isn’t as severe as some other criminal charges, it can weigh heavy on your mind and be detrimental to your reputation. If you need an experienced Novi DUI lawyer to help you fight your case, reach out to our team at the Schwartz Law Group. To schedule a free consultation, call 248-930-5019 or fill out the contact form below.