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Plymouth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accused of a serious crime in Plymouth, Michigan? You may have a chance to get your charges reduced or dropped with help from a criminal defense lawyer in Plymouth.

An accusation of a criminal offense is a serious concern. Your future is at stake, and you can face serious long-term effects if you’re found guilty. Worse, you may not have the tools needed to deal with your trial and prove your innocence.

The good news is, the defense attorneys at Schwartz Law Group have the tools and resources you need to do what’s possible to reduce or avoid the possible penalties you’re facing. Talk to your Plymouth criminal defense lawyer about your case and what you can do to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Common Criminal Offenses in Plymouth, MI

When you’re accused of a crime, you need to understand the details of your crime. The difference in severity alone is a major factor in your proceedings. Certain crimes also have unique concerns, like Breathalyzer tests for DUI charges.

If you’ve been accused of any of the following crimes or something similar, you may need a Plymouth defense lawyer to help you fight back:

  • Drunk driving charges, referred to casually as DUIs or officially as OWIs
  • White collar crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • Sex crimes, including criminal sexual conduct (CSC)
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors

Plymouth Defense Lawyer vs. Public Defender

After you’re arrested, you may be undecided: Do you need a Plymouth criminal lawyer, or would you have the same chances with a public defender? Unfortunately, working with a public defender could hurt your case.

The problem with public defenders isn’t their qualifications, but their time. Public defenders often have several cases to handle at once, which means they are busy with several cases besides yours. That gives them less time to give you the unique attention you and your case deserve.

Your criminal defense lawyer can give your case the personalized attention it needs. That way, you know what to expect from your case and what specific defenses you may pursue for your case.

The Impact of a Criminal Conviction

Going to court without a Plymouth criminal defense attorney could lead to harsh penalties if you’re convicted. These penalties will typically depend on your case type, but you may expect some of the following penalties for a Plymouth criminal conviction:

  • Jail or Prison Sentence – If you’re found guilty, you could face months or years behind bars, depending on the severity of the offense.
  • Fines – A criminal conviction can be expensive. You may be expected to pay thousands of dollars, which is tough if you’re also unable to work because you’re incarcerated.
  • Criminal Record – After you’re released from jail, your criminal record will appear on background checks. That means you could lose job and housing opportunities because of a conviction.

Call a Plymouth Criminal Defense Attorney

You have a future to protect, but that’s tough if you’re at risk for a criminal offense conviction. You could lose a lot because of a conviction, which is why it’s important to fight back now, not later.

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Plymouth, talk to the lawyers at Schwartz Law Group. Your Plymouth criminal defense lawyer can represent you in court and fight those charges, so call 248-930-5019 or fill out the following online contact form to learn more about your criminal trial.