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Rochester Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer

Did the police charge you with a crime in Rochester Hills? If so, you must be proactive in fighting your case if you hope to receive the best possible outcome from the court. A criminal defense attorney in Rochester Hills can work with you to build a strong defense so you can try to avoid a conviction.

No one wants to get in trouble with the law, but unfortunately, people make mistakes and bad things happen. Although the Rochester Hills police may charge you with a crime because they believe you’ve broken the law, they likely only witnessed a small piece of what truly happened. Thankfully, you’ll have the chance to explain yourself in court with an experienced attorney by your side.

At the Schwartz Law Group, we know that everyone deserves a fair trial, and we’re committed to upholding the criminal justice system. A Rochester Hills criminal defense lawyer from our team wants to defend you against the prosecution in court and negotiate with the judge and jury on your behalf.

Criminal Cases We Defend in Rochester Hills

Regardless of what crime you’ve been charged with in Rochester Hills, our team can assess your situation and customize the defense you need to succeed. We specialize in defending DUI/OWIs, drug-related crimes, assault crimes, sex crimes, theft, and white collar crimes, including embezzlement; mail, wire, insurance, and other fraud; and similar charges.

Penalties You May Face for a Criminal Conviction in Rochester Hills

Possible penalties vary based on the alleged crime. If you’re convicted of an OWI in Rochester Hills (sometimes referred to as a DUI), you may have to spend up to 93 days in jail, pay up to $500 in fines, and serve up to 360 hours of community service. A basic assault and battery conviction will come with similar penalties because these are both misdemeanor charges. 

A felony conviction will be more complex, and again, the penalties will vary, depending on the crime. If you’re caught in possession of a Schedule 1 or 2 narcotic, for example, you could face many years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Some sex crimes could land you behind bars for the rest of your life if you’re convicted. 

The Criminal Court Process in Rochester Hills

You must work hard to reduce or dismiss your charges by going through the criminal court process in Rochester Hills. After you’re arrested, you’ll see a judge within 48 hours for your arraignment. During your arraignment, the judge will set your bail amount and officially charge you with the crime.

If you’re charged with a felony, you may have to attend a pretrial hearing to ensure there’s probable cause for a trial. If you’re charged with a misdemeanor, you’ll wait for your court date, when you’ll then present your case to the judge. Both the prosecution and your lawyer will have the chance to show evidence, bring forth witnesses, and challenge the other side. The jury will then deliver a verdict. 

Contact a Rochester Hills Criminal Defense Attorney

Having an experienced attorney by your side through the criminal court process in Rochester Hills is key because they can speak on your behalf and negotiate for you. If you’d like to discuss your case with a Rochester Hills criminal defense lawyer from Schwartz Law Group, call 248-930-5019 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a free consultation.