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Royal Oak Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accused of a crime? You have an opportunity to avoid a conviction with a Royal Oak criminal defense attorney. 

One minute, you’re enjoying a nice day, where you may be at work, at school, or just puttering around the garden. The next, the police have arrived, and you’re under arrest. Or worse—your child may instead have been arrested while you looked on helplessly. 

It’s tough to face criminal charges, but you don’t have to do it alone. At the Schwartz Law Group, we’re ready to fight for our clients, so reach out to a Royal Oak criminal defense lawyer for guidance on your or a loved one’s criminal defense case. 

Penalties for a Royal Oak Criminal Conviction 

When you’re accused of breaking the law, the penalties for a Michigan criminal conviction can be high. Residents of Royal Oak may struggle for years after a conviction because of these penalties. 

For example, your fines could hurt your financial situation for years. A criminal defense lawyer may sound like a big expense, but if you lose your case, you could also be paying fines and fees for years, and you may have lost your job in the meantime if you were jailed. Whether you faced a few months or more than a year of lost wages, you could be starting new, financially. 

The repercussions of your sentence doesn’t end there, sadly. Your criminal record could make it harder for you to find work or housing in Royal Oak. You may be denied opportunities based on your conviction, which gives you fewer options to recover after a conviction. 

Defenses for a Royal Oak Criminal Case

Because it’s so tough to recover from a criminal conviction, you may need a Royal Oak criminal defense attorney to help you build the right defense for your case. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you address the details of your case and make a plan that works for you and your situation. 

For example, you may have been arrested for possession of drugs. However, you may believe the police illegally searched you. In these cases, that evidence of drug possession could possibly be thrown out. In other situations, you might prove that you have a prescription, that you didn’t know about the drugs, or that they weren’t drugs at all. 

Your specific defense will often depend on the details of your case. If you’re not sure which direction to turn, consider discussing your defense options with your defense lawyer. 

Talk to a Royal Oak Criminal Defense Attorney

When you’re accused of breaking the law, you could face serious penalties for the crime if you’re convicted. The good news is, you don’t have to accept the charges and a conviction. You have a chance to fight back to get your charges reduced or dismissed with help from a lawyer from the Schwartz Law Group

Our criminal defense lawyers understand just how severe your losses can be if you’re unprepared for your criminal case. Luckily, you have a chance to work with an experienced, dedicated lawyer who can fight for your needs. 

If you’re struggling to present your case in court, talk to a Royal Oak criminal defense lawyer about your best defense and how to try to get your charges dropped. Get started by calling 248-930-5019 or by filling out the online contact form below.