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Michigan Sex Crime Lawyer

Crimes that are sexual in nature tend to be very sensitive in nature, so accusations made in regard to sex crimes are typically taken very seriously and investigated aggressively and thoroughly by the police. Anyone accused of a crime sexual in nature needs to retain a criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly to investigate the accusations in order to reduce or secure dismissal of pending sex crime charges. If that is impossible, there may be an argument for mitigation of potential penalties.

Often times, a Michigan sex crime lawyer will be the first line of defense and greatest ally in navigating through the allegations of sex crimes and the subsequent social and societal consequences and legal penalties that may result.

Defining Sex Crimes in Michigan

By definition, a sex crime is a crime that, under the law, is sexual in nature or intent. In lay terms, a sexual act had to occur; or a sexual action was the intention. Michigan state law defines sex crimes separately and with each resulting in a different punishment if a defendant is convicted. Since sex crimes are considered to all be sexual offenses, they are treated similarly or have similarities in how they are handled. Sex crime convictions can result in jail time and the offender will need to register as a sex offender on Michigan’s public sex offender registry.

Given the sensitivity behind sex crimes, they are considered to be among the worst crimes committed by a person. Public and media perception of those charged or even accused of a sex crime is generally negative and derogatory. For those reasons, it’s imperative to have an experienced defense attorney advocating for you and your protection.


Building a Strong Defense Against Sex Crimes Allegations

Those accused of a sex crime will likely feel confused and fearful because there’s an uncertainty that hangs in the balance. Some may feel there’s no viable options for criminal defense because of the sensitive nature of the accusations hurled at them – more so if the victim hasn’t reached the legal age of adulthood. In the face of pending charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to a sex crimes lawyer. The sooner you do, the more time we have to do a deep and thorough investigation in order to build a stronger defense case.

To build an aggressive defense, the Schwartz Law Group will look at any and all statements made by parties involved. This includes the accuser, the accused, and witnesses – if any. Statements are reviewed to look for inconsistencies in testimony. Personal histories are also examined closely in order to look for any previous fabrication or exaggeration tendencies. We’ll also look at any communications including electronic (cell phone, computer, tablet) between the parties involved. Medical records and forensic evidence will also be reviewed to increase probability of acquittal or reduction of charges.

Choosing a Michigan sex Crime lawyer who can build a strong defense for you against any accusations of sex crimes is critical. Steven L. Schwartz has nearly 30 years of experience in trial and criminal law. He knows what to look for and how to proceed to get you or your loved one the best possible outcome in a situation like this.

Don’t wait. Call the Schwartz Law Group regarding your sex crimes case.