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Street Light Spurs Discussion About Crime in Detroit | Oakland County Criminal Lawyer

Discussion about Crime in Detroit spurred on by street lights

Earlier this month, the director of community and economic development for the city of Oak Park, Emily Doerr, was mugged at gunpoint outside the front of her home. It is believed that a lack of proper street lighting was a contributing factor to this crime, the matter that Doerr is recognized for for her efforts, and has caused an impassioned discussion regarding crime in Detroit.

Doerr herself wrote of the experience; that it has changed her perspective regarding public safety and her potential personal impact. She believes that if the streetlights were functioning in her neighborhood, she would have been able to supply law enforcement officials with important information, such as a potential description of her attacker, or even license plate information of the getaway vehicle.

A bold article on the matter, written by James David Dickson, sets forth what he claims are akin to the elephants in the room of addressing crime in Detroit.

“Some 386 people were killed by another person’s hands within Detroit city limits in 2012; 16 percent of them weren’t Detroiters … 386 murders is a statistic. An act of violence committed against someone society has deemed important is a problem.”

He reflects on the fact that less than two thirds of Detroit students graduate from high school, and the lack of potential opportunities in the future is daunting. In regards to the mugger in particular, the author states his hypothesis that the man probably didn’t graduate from high school, or go much farther than that, and that he can’t imagine a person would engage in such high risk behaviors if they believed that they had other options available.

What is needed in order to curb the crime that is running rampant, is a massive investment in both development programs that offer citizens beneficial opportunities and options so that they do not resort to crime, AND enforcement in adequate public safety infrastructure.

Among dismal prospects for many, you might be surprised to learn that Detroit has America’s lowest paid large city police force. Besides the obvious inability for law enforcement to function properly when inadequately funded, low pay can also adversely affect morale and potential recruitment. Who would want to work for an underfunded force with high crime rates when they could seek better pay with less risk? The additional ripple effect of this reality, of course, is the increased availability of guns and decreased fear of retribution by would be criminals.

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