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Troy DUI Lawyer

When the police accuse you of drinking and driving, it can be difficult to clear your name and avoid a conviction. If you want the best chance of success in the courtroom, you should speak with a DUI and OWI attorney in Troy.

On a Friday night in Troy, Michigan, you grab a drink with friends. One drink leads to a few more drinks, and by the time you’re ready to go home, you’re slightly over the legal limit to drive. You’re obviously not carrying a Breathalyzer with you, so you don’t know that you’re breaking the law when you get behind the wheel. Yes, you were drinking, but you felt completely aware and feel sober now.

Although you get on the road and drive without issues, the Troy police know it’s a Friday night, so they’re on the lookout for drunk drivers. When you drive by, they pull you over and ask you to get out of the car. Although you felt confident getting behind the wheel initially, you now feel nervous and worry you’ve done something wrong.

The Troy police suspect you’ve been drinking and charge you with operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (an OWI). In casual conversation, people often refer to this as driving under the influence (DUI). 

You regret the entire night and know you’ll need a Troy DUI lawyer to help you fix this. At Schwartz Law Group, we handle DUI/OWI cases frequently. We understand that people make mistakes, and we’re here to support you. When you work with us, we’ll defend you in court in an effort to help you avoid the maximum penalties. 

How to Prepare for DUI Testing When Arrested in Troy

When you’re pulled over by the police in Troy and they suspect you’ve been drinking, they’ll likely ask you to take a Breathalyzer test to confirm their suspicions. You’re allowed to refuse this preliminary breath test, but if you do, you’ll usually be charged with a civil infraction and fined $100. Even if you refuse the test, the police in Troy can charge you with an OWI and arrest you.

After arresting you, the police may then test you with a DataMaster Breathalyzer test at the police station. If you refuse to take this test, your license will usually be suspended for one year because of Michigan’s implied consent law. The police may then force you to take a blood or urine test to check your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level.

Possible Defenses to Fight Your Troy DUI Case

Fighting your DUI case in court will be easier when you have a DUI lawyer from Troy by your side. A strong legal team can assess the evidence against you and work hard to weaken the prosecution’s case. If the police made mistakes during your OWI arrest, you may also have a strong defense and a possibility of getting your charges reduced or dismissed. 

Speak with a Troy DUI Attorney

When charged with an OWI in Troy, you may feel unsure of what your future holds, but you shouldn’t lose hope until you’ve discussed your case with a Troy DUI lawyer. To schedule a free consultation with an attorney from the Schwartz Law Group, fill out the contact form below or call 248-930-5019.