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University of Michigan Report Details University Crime Rates

The US Department of Education requires that the University of Michigan publish a crime report each year. The annual report summarizes all criminal activity that takes place on the school’s campus or takes place off campus but involves a University of Michigan student. It analyzes not only the types of crime, but where the crimes occur and who the crimes are reported to.

According to a story by The Michigan Daily, this year’s report is mixed, with instances of some crimes decreasing and others increasing. Sexual assault crimes and burglaries both increased over the last year. The report shows that there were 21 cases of forcible rape in 2012. This number represents more than a twofold increase over the 10 instances that occurred in 2011. Some argue that these figures are not representative of the true prevalence of sexual assault, because many cases go unreported on college campuses.

In 2012 there were 68 cases of burglaries–which is defined as entering a closed structure with intention to commit a felony, such as robbery, assault, rape, etc. This figure is up from the previous year, in which there were 60 cases of burglary. Larceny–which includes laptop theft–was common with 734 cases reported in 2012.

Alcohol violations were also up in 2012, with a total of 426 arrests for minor in possession of alcohol. However, more than twice that many cases were resolved internally and did not involve law enforcement.

Instances of other crimes, however, have decreased. For instance, in 2011 there were 14 robberies, yet only 4 in 2012. Similarly, there were 30 aggravated assault in 2011 compared to only 16 in 2012.

Student Crime Is Taken Seriously College students, like the rest of us, occasionally make questionable decisions. In fact, crime rates at universities around the country are up. Campus crime has become a key factor in many prospective student’s decision-making process. In response, administrators and campus police are beginning to take student crime more seriously than they have in years past.

It is important that students and their families realize that they risk more than a scholarship or college education when a student is charged with a crime on a college campus. Contrary to the beliefs of some students, campus police are not “rent-a-cops,” but are real police officers and have real arrest powers. They can and do work with prosecutors, and they can and do assist in obtaining convictions of college students. The bottom line is that crimes committed on college campuses are charged the same as those crimes committed elsewhere.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney If you or one of your children has been charged with a crime that was allegedly committed on a college campus, don’t underestimate the seriousness of the situation. Sentences for campus crimes are no different than if the crime was committed anywhere else. Students risk losing scholarships, dormitory privileges, their timely graduation, and possibly even their freedom. Enlist the assistance of an experienced, passionate, and knowledgeable Michigan criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you are well represented throughout the process. Click here, or call (248) 266-8720 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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