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Expert Michigan Criminal Defense

Expert Michigan Criminal DefenseGet the Best Possible Outcome for Your Criminal Case

Being arrested for a criminal charge is often a traumatic experience. Whether someone is facing with a DUI or OWI charges, Drug Crimes Offenses, Assault, or another criminal act, they can be stigmatized and portrayed as irresponsible and as a dangerous criminals.

Here’s the truth: many people faced with these charges are generally everyday, law-abiding citizens who just simply made a mistake. While you may be portrayed as a treacherous criminal by a prosecutor, your criminal defense attorney should treat you with with dignity.

Attaining Help for Criminal Defense in Metro-Detroit

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side when law enforcement officers and state prosecutors attempt to paint you as a criminal. But you also need an attorney who understands how the various court systems work by county and district. For instance, Oakland County criminal defense will be different than how hearings work for criminal defense in Macomb County. The Schwartz Law Group has that knowledge because we’ve represented individuals with criminal charges in Michigan for nearly 30 years. Thus, we will stand by your side because we understand your situation and will guide you through the process with compassion, respect, and empathy.

Our experienced attorneys can build a defense that will get you the best possible outcome for your case, while treating you with dignity and ensuring you know what to expect at each step of the legal process.


Our Approach to Criminal Defense in Michigan

When you hire an attorney to handle your criminal defense case, you are putting your future in that attorney’s hands. Therefore, you should hire someone you can believe in, someone who will be there for you when you need him the most, and someone who has a history of fighting to get excellent resolutions in cases like yours. Because not all criminal defense lawyers in Michigan are committed to getting you the best possible solution, it’s important to find someone passionate about helping you.

The Schwartz Law Group is committed to helping people win back their lives. Every individual that works with us is given an individual criminal defense. We don’t believe in the easiest outcome for your case, only the best outcome for your situation.Therefore, getting you the best possible outcome for your case and charges is as important to us as supporting you through the defense process – from start to finish. Attorney Steven L. Schwartz believes every person charged with a crime deserves to be treated fairly and respectfully. You’ll find that at the Schwartz Law Group.

Whether you’re charged with theft, a DUI, or assault, you’ll need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side but finding the right criminal defense attorney can be difficult.

There are many things to question and think about when looking for a criminal defense attorney:

  • Are they passionate about the law?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • Will they understand how unique my case is?
  • What’s their track record on best possible solution vs. easiest solution?
  • What do their other clients say about them?
  • Do they know how to work in multiple courts or just one?
  • What kind of relationships have they built with prosecuting attorneys and judges?

Not every criminal defense attorney will have experience in multiple areas of criminal defense and many aren’t passionate about helping everyday people win back their lives.

Working with the Schwartz Law Group

For the Schwartz Law Group, criminal defense is as much family tradition as it is a passion. Steven Schwartz’s father and grandfather were both lawyers and he grew up learning about the law, which grew into a passion for helping people through criminal defense litigation. For nearly 30 years, the firm’s evidence of success stems from helping thousands of clients win back their lives.

We take great pride having each one of our clients fully satisfied with their legal council and defense. This will never change. Whether you need a quick consult regarding a potential matter or are already charged with a criminal offense we are here 24/7 to guide you in the right legal direction. Call us with your situation and make life easier.