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Michigan Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Sex Crime Defense: We Know What Works

What’s the biggest difference between an experienced attorney and a Michigan sexual misconduct lawyer who is fresh out of law school? An experienced attorney has done it before, has seen what doesn’t work and knows what does.
You want a lawyer who knows what works.

One thing that works is fully investigating all of the evidence. An experienced attorney knows how to thoroughly review every part of a case. Cases involving allegations of sexual assault usually involve conflicting stories.

At The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz, investigation is a priority in sexual assault cases. We are committed to building solid cases in order to provide you with the best possible resolution to your sexual assault case.

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In Oakland County and the surrounding parts of Michigan, the law breaks down sexual assault – also known as criminal sexual conduct – into four degrees. First degree sexual assault is the most serious. A person can go to prison for life if convicted. Fourth degree is the least serious, even though a conviction can still result in very severe penalties.

Some examples of first degree sexual assault include rape with a weapon, gang rape and date rape. Fourth degree sexual assault can be charged simply for pinching, grabbing or otherwise inappropriately touching someone.

When you turn to our law firm, you will have a Michigan sexual misconduct lawyer on your side who has been standing up for the rights of accused criminals for more than 20 years. We know how to get results. We are not new to this.

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