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April 2, 2020

Are Any Law Firms Still Open in Metro Detroit During Coronavirus?

April 2, 2020

Do you have a criminal case that is weighing on you during the coronavirus epidemic? You might be wondering whether any lawyers are still taking clients during this troubled time. The answer is yes. Now, more than ever, people need legal advice. This national disaster will affect a lot of people, and you need to know that someone can help.

While doctors and medical professionals are doing all they can to help people sick with COVID-19, the disease that comes from the coronavirus, your legal team at Schwartz Law Group is here to help, too. 

You won’t be able to see us face-to-face, but we are working from home and can discuss cases virtually.

What Criminal Legal Issues Are You Facing?

Have you just been charged with a crime? Whether the crime you’ve been charged with is related to the coronavirus outbreak, our firm can help.

Have you been charged with a white collar offense, sex offense, larceny, drunk driving, assault, or other type of serious crime? You are probably scared, worried about how this crime will affect your life. While the world is falling apart around you, your world is also falling apart before your eyes. You need help now, so your mind can be put at ease.

When you call a lawyer at our firm, we can help you understand the charges you’re facing. We can help you understand the penalties you could be facing. We can help you understand how this crime could impact your life. We can also help you understand what possible defenses could be used to improve your situation. We can also give you an idea of your chances of success. 

Facts, not fiction. You need to know the truth. This can help you settle your mind, instead of thinking up every worst-case scenario you’ve heard rumors of.

Types of Criminal Defenses

Every person’s case is unique, and different defenses are available for different situations. For example, if you are arrested for a sex crime, your defense will be different than someone who was arrested for theft. Even two people charged with the same type of crime have different circumstances. Those circumstances are what decide your defense options.

Here are a few common types of defenses:

  • Innocence
  • Duress
  • Entrapment
  • Claim of Right
  • Consent
  • Constitutional Right Violation
  • Impossibility
  • Insanity
  • Mistake of Fact
  • Lack of Probable Cause
  • Necessity
  • Self-Defense

Get in Touch with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Michigan

It seems like the world is ending due to COVID-19, but your main focus is on the criminal charges you’re facing. You need someone’s help, and you need their help now. 

The Schwartz Law Group is open during this time, though we are working primarily from home. You can still get answers to your questions and gain some peace of mind that comes from knowing you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Call 248-930-5019 to speak to a Metro Detroit criminal defense lawyer at our firm.