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April 16, 2020

What Is the Long-Term Impact of a Drug Conviction? 

April 16, 2020

Many people don’t think much about the consequences of a drug conviction. It’s possible that you don’t even know how serious your drug charges are until after you’ve been arrested. Even though you didn’t know the consequences, you could still face them if you end up convicted of a drug crime in Oakland County, Michigan.

That’s why it’s so important that to get legal help right away after being charged with a drug crime. Your lawyer might be able to minimize the impact a drug crime could have in your life. In some cases, a Metro Detroit drug lawyer can get your charges dropped. In other cases, the charges or penalties could be greatly reduced.

Learn more about the consequences of a drug conviction so you can make informed decisions about your case and your life.

Drug Conviction: Long-Term Impact

Many people who are charged with a drug crime only think about the short-term consequences. For instance, the legal penalties a person faces after being convicted of a crime would be considered short-term consequences. These penalties don’t last forever. For some drug crimes, the penalties are quite small, such as a fine or drug treatment classes.

Because short-term consequences don’t last forever, people think a conviction won’t affect their lives all that much, but that’s where they’re wrong. Even a minor misdemeanor drug conviction could impact your life forever. You could still be impacted years from now when you go to look for a job or apply for housing.

One of the main long-term consequences of a drug conviction is that it can greatly reduce your job prospects. Employers don’t like to hire workers who have drug convictions, even misdemeanor ones.

Your drug conviction could also affect your relationships permanently. It could impact your self-confidence and how others view you. Exoneration could make a big difference in your life and for your life happiness.

Case Dismissal, Charge Reduction, or Acquittal

So, you realize now that your charge could result in a conviction with far-reaching consequences. What can you do? Understanding the seriousness of your charge is half the battle. Now, you need to take action to protect your future and your freedom. 

You need to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer who can work to protect you from a drug conviction.

It is possible to get a case dismissal. It is possible to get your charge reduced. It is possible to win in court. These things happen every day. But, all of this is unlikely without experienced legal representation.

Connect with a Drug Crime Lawyer in Oakland County

Whether you were charged with a drug crime after being stopped by police in Farmington Hills or you were charged with drug sales after a raid in Troy, you should talk to a lawyer at the Schwartz Law Group right away to begin planning your defense. 

Call 248-930-5019 or use the form below to discuss your case with a lawyer. Early legal representation could greatly improve your case outcome.