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Michigan High-School Substitute Teacher Pleads Guilty to Criminal Sexual Conduct

Earlier this month in Bay City, Michigan, a 45-year-old high-school substitute teacher form Midland pleaded guilty to criminal sexual conduct after being accused of having sex with three 17-year-old students. According to a report by the Times Union, the allegations took place back in the summer of 2010.

This is the second time the case has gone to trial. The first time, back in 2013, the trial judge dismissed all charges against the woman. However, on appeal, the higher court reversed that judge’s decision and ordered a re-trial.

The second time around, the substitute teacher faced six felony counts relating to the charges. However, the prosecution and defense struck a deal where the woman would plead guilty instead of going to trial. In turn, the prosecution would drop the felony counts and would only proceed on the misdemeanors.

Criminal Sexual Conduct in Michigan

The crime of criminal sexual conduct is a serious offense in Michigan. The seriousness of the specific offense, however, depends on how the offense is graded. Depending on the facts alleged, criminal sexual conduct can be either a felony or a misdemeanor.

For example, a misdemeanor charge of criminal sexual conduct may consist of any of the following:

  • A sexual act between a person who is at least 13 but under 16 and another person who is at least five years older;
  • Sex that is accomplished by force or compulsion; or
  • Sex with a person who is mentally incapable, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless.

A felony charge of criminal sexual conduct may involve the following:

  • The alleged offender is is a position of authority over the alleged victim;
  • The alleged victim lives in the same household as the alleged offender; or
  • The alleged victim is under the age of 13.

Of course, the factual scenarios giving rise to both misdemeanor and felony offenses are greater in number than the few presented here. These are just a few examples.

Depending on the grade of the offense, and whether the alleged offender has any prior convictions, someone convicted of criminal sexual conduct may be facing up to life in prison. It is therefore critically important to speak with a dedicated Michigan felony defense attorney if you are facing a criminal sexual conduct charge of any grade.

Are You Facing a Criminal Charge in Michigan?

If you have recently been charged with a serious criminal offense in the State of Michigan, make sure to speak to a dedicated criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even misdemeanor charges that do not seem all that serious can have lasting consequences. While a “not guilty” verdict is not always an option in every criminal case, a dedicated attorney will fight for you, trying to secure the best deal possible. And if taking a plea is not something you are open to, your attorney will do everything possible to ensure that the judge understands your specific situation when it comes to sentencing. Call (240) 930-5019 today to set up a free initial consultation with a dedicated criminal defense attorney.

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