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November 15, 2021

Effects of a Michigan DUI Conviction on an Out of State DUI Charge

November 15, 2021

Effects of a Michigan DUI Conviction on an Out of State DUI Charge

If you already have a DUI conviction in Michigan, and you’re charged with DUI in another state, it can create problems for you. Much of what will happen depends on the prosecutor in the state in which you are charged with the DUI. 

Do Michigan DUI Convictions Carry-Over to Other States

Every state has its own laws and penalties surrounding DUI. Often, states share the exact same laws and penalties, and they all enter this information into the Interstate Compact system. Michigan is one of the states NOT participating in this national system, along with Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, and Massachusetts. 

However, there’s also a National Drivers Registry, which all states can access and review out-of-state drivers records when they are stopped for any reason outside of the driver’s home state. If a Michigan driver is pulled over for DUI in another state, they will more than likely have a hearing and trial in that arresting state. And, criminal court records are available for every state to access. Remember, a DUI conviction goes on your criminal record. 


Criminal Court System

Even though the state of Michigan doesn’t report convictions into a national database, if you’re charged with a DUI in another state – the prosecutor CAN check into your criminal records. A DUI conviction is a criminal offense and is entered into the criminal court system, so it doesn’t matter what Michigan’s Secretary of State has on record. 

If a prosecutor digs into your criminal convictions in the states you previously lived in, or currently live in, then that Michigan DUI conviction will factor into how your out-of-state charge will be handled. It may not affect your license, but this isn’t just about your driving records. A DUI is a criminal matter.

If you’re charged with a DUI in a state that handles DUIs in a similar manner as Michigan handles them, more than likely you’ll face some pretty big consequences in the arresting state if you’re convicted. Driving Under the Influence is extremely challenging to litigate in the state you live in, and adding a DUI charge in another state into the mix is taking it from a headache to a migraine.

Experienced Michigan Defense Attorney

Your out-of-state convictions, along with any license implications, need to be addressed by an experienced defense attorney. If you’re dealing with DUI convictions and charges, never go to court without an experienced attorney who has been practicing criminal defense for many years.