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Michigan State Police Gearing Up for Busy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Holiday weekends are always a busy time for Michigan State Police, but perhaps none so much as Saint Patrick’s Day. According to one local Michigan news source, Michigan State Police are preparing for what they believe will be a very busy weekend for drunk driving arrests. In fact, last year there were over 2,000 drunk driving arrests in the month of March alone. Many of those occurred over the weekends surrounding St. Patrick’s Day.

To help limit the number of drunk driving arrests, some organizations have offered free rides to intoxicated patrons. However, the reality is that there will still be a significant number of drunk driving arrests over the week.

Punishments in Michigan for Drinking and Driving Any time a driver is in control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .08 or greater, he is in violation of the law for drunk driving. The law also prohibits driving while under the influence of any drug, regardless of whether the driver has a valid prescription. Of course, therapeutic levels of some potentially intoxicating medications are permitted, but it is a fine line.

If a driver is found guilty of a DUI offense in Michigan, they can expect probation, substantial fines and costs, and potentially jail time. This may even be the case for a first-time offender, depending on the severity of the case. Therefore, it is very important to talk to an attorney about how you may be able to defend yourself against the charges.

Defending Against DUI or OWI Charges It is a common misconception that DUIs and OWIs are impossible to beat. That is not the case. In some instances, a police officer’s stop of a driver is illegal and any evidence gathered as a result may be subject to suppression. Alternatively, the equipment used to measure the breath-alcohol content may not have been properly calibrated. In either case, the drunk driving arrest may very well not result in a conviction.

There are also ways to defend against a drunk driving charge involving an accident. For example, the prosecutors must prove that the person arrested for DUI or OWI was behind the wheel of the car at the time of the accident. But in some cases, the driver and passengers have already vacated the car by the time the police arrive. In these instances the prosecution may need a witness or must rely wholly on circumstantial evidence. The bottom line is that DUI arrests are not always going to result in a conviction and anyone arrested for DUI should retain a knowledgeable attorney to ensure the best possible representation and defense for themselves.

Have You Been Arrested for Drunk Driving? If you have recently been arrested and charged with drunk driving in the State of Michigan, you need an attorney who will fight on your behalf. Attorney Steven Schwartz has decades of criminal law experience and knows the often complex ins and outs of DUI cases. He will tirelessly fight for you and your constitutional rights. Call (240) 930-5019 today to set up a free consultation with a dedicated attorney at the Law Offices of Steven Schwartz.

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