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Birmingham Minor in Possession Lawyer

We Fight to Protect the Rights of Minors Charged With Possession of Drugs
The consequences of a drug possession conviction can be extremely serious, even if jail time is not part of the sentence. Many people who plead guilty to possession of drugs citation or arrest are surprised to learn how far-reaching the so-called “collateral consequences” of the conviction can be.

  • You can be denied federal financial aid after a drug possession conviction, including student loans and housing assistance like Section 8.
  • Potential employers can see the drugs conviction on your criminal record.
  • Future arrests could have more serious consequences because you are no longer a first-time offender.

For young people who get convicted of drug possession, these kinds of consequences can truly last a lifetime. If you are under 21 and get charged with minor in possession of drugs, there are several strategies an experienced criminal defense attorney can use to help you minimize the negative consequences.

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At The Law Office of Steven L. Schwartz, in Birmingham, every client of our law firm works directly with veteran criminal defense lawyer Steven L. Schwartz. We have extensive experience representing young people, including defending against charges of minor in possession of illegal drugs.

Depending on the exact circumstances of your case, we may recommend one of two strategies:

  • Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HYTA): Available for youth under the age of 21 with the court’s consent and for almost every crime except major drug offenses and violent crimes, HYTA is a type of probation for minors that results in a sealed criminal record at the end of the successful probationary period.
  • MCL 333.7411 law: Michigan’s deferred drug possession sentencing law is available to minors in possession as well as adults. The 7411 program is only available to first-time offenders and is similar to HYTA in that the criminal record is sealed at the end of a successful probation period.

Both of these options may be available for any type of drug possession charge, including possession of marijuana, Ecstasy, meth, cocaine, crack or prescription drugs.

Fight Back Against Minor in Possession Charges
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