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Michigan Prostitution Lawyer

Accused of Solicitation of a Prostitute?

The solicitation of prostitution is an attempt to or act of procuring the services of a prostitute (a person who exchanges sex or sexual acts for money). If you’re facing a solicitation charge, the gravity of the charge requires the help of an experienced solicitation attorney who understands how devastating this charge can be for you and your loved ones. You don’t need to do this alone.

Solicitation Offense

Given that solicitation is the process of seeking a sexual act for payment; or asking someone to engage in prostitution, the law requires two persons to be involved in the act of solicitation. Anyone charged with solicitation must have actually approached another party or person with an offer to pay for a sexual act. This interaction could have occurred in public or in private and through a gesture or word.

First Offense of Solicitation

If someone is charged for the first time with a solicitation charge, it’s generally considered a misdemeanor and punishable by $500 in fines and up to 93 days in jail, similar to the prostitution charge.

Second Solicitation Offense

If a person is convicted of a second solicitation charge, it’s still considered a misdemeanor but carries an enhanced penalty – $1000 in fines and up to one year in jail.

Multi-offenders of Solicitation

Those convicted of more than two subsequent solicitation charges, the convictions after the second conviction are considered felonies with hefty penalties that may include more significant jail time.

Be Alert and Aware of Your Situation

Typically, charges involving solicitation happen in similar instances: a person stops their car. An undercover cop steps inside. Sometimes, the undercover cops are waiting at hotel rooms. They are ready to charge people with solicitation of a prostitute. This is a serious sex crime.

The charge of solicitation of a prostitute is also very embarrassing for most people. Many people simply want to get rid of the charges as soon as possible.

Fight Solicitation Charges

The Schwartz Law Group can help you fight those charges. These situations are sometimes the result of a misunderstanding or, sometimes entrapment. After an investigation, we are sometimes able to determine that the undercover officers mishandled the situation. This information can often lead to an excellent resolution to a solicitation charge.

Being arrested for soliciting a prostitute may be the most embarrassing time of your life. The impact may be infinite. You have the potential of a criminal record, the possibility of serving time in jail and most importantly the chance of severe consequences to your marriage. If your are busted for solicitation of a prostitute in Detroit, Oakland or Macomb Counties, our firm can likely make your criminal record stay clean.

Contact us today to discuss your solicitation of a prostitute charges with an experienced criminal defense attorney.